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we paint with light and produce the shadows that create the backdrop for your life

lighting design & sourcing

glottman lighting design projects are different.

bespoke and customized effects for special projects are possible because our technology is at the vanguard of innovation.

__we go beyond just illuminating at the right levels, or making light where it is dark.

__we are interested in the poetry of light and how it affects emotion, interaction, and inspired habitation in spaces.

__we offer light only when needed (at your right levels & color temperature).

__we meet the highest marks and achieve results with special detailing that is designed together with the architectural building sections.

our services

__design (budgeting, design drawings, specifications, permit and construction documents:: including specialized lighting design details related to architectural and interior design features)

__technical (light level calculations, color studies, and coordination with engineering ,intelligent control and audio visual systems consultants)

__procurement (bid management, purchasing, sourcing)

__construction (assistance in all phases of project execution including, bidding, subcontractor training and observation)

our deliverables

__design drawings (two and three dimensional representation of ideas and effects, charts, graphics, animations)

__technical drawings (floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, and sections suitable for inclusion in the permit set and for construction)

__lighting design manual(s) (including a description of special lighting details, installation guidelines, equipment cut sheets with drawings, spreadsheets)

__cost breakdown(s) (per detail, as it pertains to each specific area of the project)

our optimization of types

__technical (built-in-lighting for ceilings, floor, coves, windows, outdoor)

__decorative (ceilings, walls, floor)

__furniture ( built-in third party furniture, specialized illuminated furniture)

__systems (special walls, doors, glass, screens, etc, specialized effects and moving image technology)