architectural interiors
oscar glottman
our in-house services help you conceive, plan, and execute your entire project with one team.

lighting design, architectural interiors, product sourcing and construction observation services are all orchestrated from the same office.

we conceptualize your project and we customize the design based on knowledge of exceptional artifacts and systems (which we directly source from industries and artisans working at the vanguard of design around the world).

our technical department produces meticulously crafted construction documents and shop drawings which allow you to bid and build the most intricate projects to the highest industry standards.

and we take your needs very seriously!

with the support of our licensed architects and design network, you are in control of the personality and functionality of where you live.

we conceive new spaces or modify existing spaces; not superficially, but rather, architecturally. for example, we don’t just surface walls and ceilings. we change walls and ceilings. this in turn alters how rooms relate to each other or how circulation works between them, positively affecting the building environment that will best work for you.

our vision
__facilitate the creation of personal and business spaces which enhance the experience of spending time in your home, working in your office or playing in your leisure dome. we believe that individuals should not have to adapt to live in the interiors someone else created for them; but rather, live in direct symbiosis with them.
our vision

our mission
__joyful living, thoughtfulness, careful execution, craftsmanship, humor, invention, and artistic expression.

our designs
__conceived with powerful tools for living built into your architecture.

based on a forward thinking philosophy, we focus on the intersection between innovation, technology, and adeptness.